LEMBO snack: is a snack which comes with different shapes and flavors,using main inputs of maize and soya bean with imported flavors.




LIBDEL cereal: is high quality infant cereal using wheat as main input and ingredients of starch, soybean, rise, milk, vegetables, oil, sugar and fortified by imported vitamins and minerals for ages 6 months and above. It is going to be launched in the coming few months.



 Corn Soya Blend (CSB) Plus: is a nutritional food prepared from heat treated maize, soya-bean, and fortified by-imported vitamins and minerals. CSB Plus is used as supplimetary food for all people above the age of 2 years. It is consumed as a porridge or gruel, prepared by mixing an appropriate proportion of flour and clean water (i.e. 40g of CSB Plus with 250 g of water) followed by a cooking time at simmering point from five to ten minutes. 


Yanet Shiro: is ready to cook chickpea shiro powder branded as “Yanetshiro.” This nutritious, savory and popular Ethiopian meal is made of chickpea ground into flour mixed with spices.






M Amole: is an iodized table salt that is leading the Ethiopian market.







Future Products

CSB Plus with sugar is prepared from heat treated maize and soya beans, sugar, vitamins and minerals. If is consumed as a porridge or gruel for ages 2 years and above.

 CSB Plus Plus is prepared from heat treated maize and de-hulled soya beans, sugar, dried skim milk, refined soya bean oil, vitamins and minerals. It is consumed as a porridge or gruel used as a complement to breastfeeding for young children between 6-24 months of age.

 Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF paste) is a therapeutic food , non-soluble in water and ready to use that is intended for severely malnourished children from six months upwards during the rehabilitation phase (phase 2) in therapeutic feeding centers or at home (out–patient). It is also used for adults suffering from severe or moderate acute malnutrition. It is eaten directly from the pack without cooking or other forms of processing. It is composed of peanut butter, skim/full cream milk powder, icing sugar, oil and a vitamin/mineral premix.