GUTS Agro Industry PLC is a Nutritious food processing Company founded in 2005  by two Ethiopian entrepreneurs.Its head office is situated in Addis Ababa, and the manufacturing facilities of the company are located at industrial zones of Bishoftu town and Hawassa city which are about 45 km and 260 km away from Addis Ababa respectively. The company has currently 92 permanent employees and 30 employees on contract basis.


We work  closely with Farmers Cooperative Unions

 Being a registered supplier for WFP in 2008, GUTS has produced several thousands of quintals of corn-soya-blend food products (CSB) to the WFP orders which have benefited local farmers from annual procurement of nearly 100,000 quintals of maize, soya bean and chickpeas directly from the cooperative unions. The company works closely with cooperative unions towards improving their supplying capacities by getting into pre-harvest agreements including provision of pre-harvest advance payments to the unions that contributed towards improving their financial constraints.